Written in third person to make me and my team sound super important.
Luis Miguel was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he started his career picking up cables. Eventually, people started calling him a recording engineer so he did that for a while. He also spent a lot of time playing as a sideman to many local artists, sharing stages with some very famous people and with a lot of other people you probably have never heard of but that taught him a lot of things about music.
He was musical director of Vitamina, one of Venezuela’s most in demand show bands, and taught at the Caracas Jazz Workshop.¬†Somewhere along the way he also graduated as an Electronic Engineer, which made him extremely organized and somewhat averse to corporate office environments. These experiences led to great opportunities as a producer and media composer, roles that he is drawn to not only because of the creative challenges they present but mostly because of their collaborative nature.
Tired of Venezuelan food, he went all over South America and Europe before moving to the US in 2011, where he was awarded a scholarship by the University of Miami. He studied there under Chris Boardman and Carlos Rafael Rivera, graduated in 2013 and moved to New York City shortly after finding out that pizza slices there were only $1. From there, he continues to write and produce for a number of media outlets, working with a small but powerful team of fellow creatives.
They haven’t won any awards, but Luis used to watch the Oscars regularly.

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